Chris & Steve Mackel

All 4 of our daughters have had the privilege of attending Kelly’s weekend basketball camp for the past 9 years. They have always truly considered it a privilege and still value that time at camp today. Especially now that they are getting older. The skills they learn that weekend each year, not only about the game, but about being a good team player, a good person, a leader, a role model, etc., are lessons that they will take with them throughout their whole lives. When they found out about what has been said about Kelly this past week, my daughters were completely confused, and quite frankly angry, that people could make these kinds of accusations about “Coach Kelly”. She has always been nothing but a positive, female, basketball role model for this bunch of girls who love the game! Stay strong Kelly and know that your positive influences over the years, will far outweigh these accusations. Thank you for all that you have taught our daughters!