Kim Cochrane

In my time at Boston University I had the opportunity to watch the growth and development of several women on the women’s basketball team under the positive guidance and leadership of Kelly Greenberg. In my capacity of Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Support Services I met with recruits and developed a close working relationship with both coaches and student-athletes. During my ten years in college athletics, Kelly Greenberg is one of the best coaches with whom I have worked.

Coach Greenberg has high expectations, however provides every tool necessary to exceed these expectations. These expectations are set for the person as a whole, not just as a player. Kelly is a caring individual who provides support to ensure the successful development of the student, the athlete and the individual. I witnessed this support semester after semester, year after year, with each graduating class and each incoming student-athlete. For example:

All team members are required to take part in a non-athletic student group on campus.

Team practices are scheduled around class time, as opposed to practice time dictating which class a student can take.

If a student is feeling overwhelmed with classes they are excused from practice in order to focus on classwork.

Team travel is catered around exam schedules to reduce any missed exams.

These are the actions of a leader who is guiding their student-athletes to become a better person as a whole. These are the actions that motivate many student-athletes to become positive contributors to their community. These are the actions that keep them coming back to support the team and coach who provided so much to them during their collegiate careers.